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C++ engineer Software engineering, computer, information system and other related majors are preferred Proficient in C++ development technology Bachelor degree or above
PLC engineer Automation, electrical engineering, related majors are preferred Responsible for the maintenance of automation equipment and PLC program improvement, skilled in operating the automation machine, troubleshooting electric, gas, mechanism and PLC, drive faults and fault repair. Bachelor degree or above
Mechanical Engineers Machinery, vehicles and other related majors are preferred Proficient in UG, Auto CAD and other software Bachelor degree or above
Laser application engineer Material, mechanical, optical, automation, etc. Responsible for laser assembly, commissioning, software simulation and application measurement Bachelor degree or above
Assembly fitter Electrical automation professional priority Skilled in using all types of machine tools Junior college and above, intern is also welcomed
Administrative Assistant No professional limited Proficiency in office software and graphics software (such as Photoshop) No limited, interns is welcomed
Marketing promotion No professional limited Sales experience in large equipment is preferred No limited, intern is also welcomed


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